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Why Social Media?

Posted by Cassie Stoick on Sat, Jun 30, 2018 @ 12:06 PM

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It is Social Media Day, and we are going to tackle one BIG question that seems to come up quite often with clients! "Why should I use social media?" 

To start off, let's cover some of the excuses people make as to why NOT to use social media. Following these excuses, I will cover some reasons why social media is indeed a game-changer for business. Keep on reading!

"It takes too long and I don't have time."

"It's too complicated."

"It won't benefit my business." 

So, what is YOUR excuse for not using social media as a marketing tool? Does it confuse you? Does it take up too much of your time? Is it for the "younger generations"? Well, whatever your reasoning, listen here: 

Social media use is a KEY FACTOR in marketing success, and that is no lie. 

You may be wondering, "Cassie, how do you actually  know it is beneficial?" Let me tell you. 

People are ON social media

According to Statista 2018, 77% of the U.S. population is on social media. Now think, the social world is much larger than just the United States! If you are convinced that your client base is not online, you may want to check again. Even if the majority of those you are selling to are not currently present on social media, future clients could be. It is important to build up a following on social media early on that way once customers start discovering your brand, you hand them an image that draws their interest to using your product or service.

Impacts your search presence 

If you want to have any luck being discovered by potential customers online, you want to be present on social media. This is true for both unique brands and "mainstream" brands. Whether you just invented a new product, or are just starting up a common service businesses, your goal is to get your name out there, is it not? When competing against thousands of other companies, you need a tool that allows your name to be more easily discovered. By using social media to create a unique brand image and even to adopt unique hashtags, you should expect an increase in traffic to your website as a whole. 

You can create content and monitor it for free

Here's the nice media is FREE! Question: Who doesn't love free things? Answer: nobody. You can quickly and easily make your social accounts business accounts by adding in contact information, along with the type of business you are (clothing company, photographer, salon, etc.). This means you not only get the option for free marketing, but free data collection as well. Instagram and Facebook analytics give you insight as to who your followers are, the days of the week they are most active, as well as the time of day they are most active. Another thing to consider is the ability to do audience research through evaluating the profiles of the people who do follow you. This adds a new dimension to target marketing! Sure, getting the hang of things may take some time, but once you've mastered a schedule and strategy, you will be reaching more customers in no time.

Your presence is expected

Future clients, future employees, and maybe even future business partners are all people who want (and often expect) to find you on social media. By putting your name and your brand culture out there, you allow yourself the opportunity  to do business much more fluidly! If more and more target audience members view your profile and decide that they want to do business with you, it could create a need for additional employees. By having your brand established on your social media profile, you can attract potential employees. These candiates will become aware that they are a good fit for your company culture by viewing your page and realizing that they could mesh well with you and your team. (This is how I found 5j!) 


One BIG reason you should consider using social media, if you are still not convinced, is competition. If you are lacking a social media presence it means you are likely missing out on many target audience interactions, leading to competing businesses taking a hold of your missed opportunities. Don't let your competition steal your clients because your clients don't know you exist! 

"Cassie, not even my competition uses social media. Now what is your argument?" Here is my argument:

Word of Mouth marketing  

 I am not just talking about in-person Word of Mouth marketing, but online. Most customers today are trying and purchasing products recommended to them from someone they know well, or whose judgement they trust. Think about how fast rumors spread...and now imagine that with the web. If you build healthy client relationships, blowing away any set expectations your customer had, clients will be sure to recommend you to people they know. Where does social media come into the mix? Not only can a customer brag about how awesome your product or service is, but they can tag you in their post, creating a gateway for traffic to land right where you want them...on YOUR profile which then can lead them to YOUR website. 

Have I convinced you yet? Let me know below. 


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