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We Need to Apologize...

Posted by Carrie Anderson on Thu, Jun 29, 2017 @ 15:06 PM
Carrie Anderson

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This past year has been quite exciting at Five J Design. We have been busy creating awesome new websites and graphic design projects like always, but we have also been doing something else. Something that we are really excited about. And that's why we have to apologize...


Because we haven't really done the best job of sharing these exciting changes with YOU, our people. Well that's about to change! We want to catch you up on all that we have been learning. You've been with us in the past, we would love for you to join us in the next leg of our journey as an agency.


So what is this exciting new service? What is this amazing, enigmatic offering? Well, it isn't really just a service, it is a philosophy and a change in how we look at our marketing.

"We are focusing more on the WHY behind every marketing action and we are focusing more on WHO we are trying to reach. Because we want your marketing to work for you."

We want your marketing and web experience to be your best employee and promoter. We want it to not just be a pretty site, but a functional one as well; a site that draws in customers naturally and shows them your unique personality, helpfulness and style in addition to that awesome service or product you sell. 


We'll Make It Up To You!

In the coming posts we are going to go a little deeper into the methodology we've adopted. Not because it is the new hip thing, but because it works. Ultimately, we want to make sure all of our marketing is superior not just in quality, but in functionality. So we look forward to going on this journey with you and showing you some of the rad stuff we have learned during this last year as we get ready to make this year the best year yet for Five J Design. 

Come with us?

Whether you've never contacted us before, or if it has just been a while, let's talk! We want to make sure your website and marketing efforts work for YOU not the other way around. 

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