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Why Every Digital Marketing Strategy Should Include Video

Posted by Taylor Olson on Mon, Aug 7, 2017 @ 12:08 PM

Are you using video in your digital marketing strategy? You should be.

The Sioux Falls digital marketing world has been evolving for a long time now, but one thing that will never change is the need for web content. The way people consume that content, however, is rapidly making a transition to video. There is simply no longer a way to get around creating videos that capture your audience's attention. And if you need more convincing, over 50% of marketers around the world agree that video has the best ROI. So what are you waiting for? Read on for our top 3 reasons that you should be creating videos as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

1. The Effort is Worth the Outcome 

While writing content for a blog is different than writing content for a video, you should put the same amount of effort into each. You should always, always, always write a video script. When writing a script for video, it is generally best to write conversationally, be clear and concise, and write every word. There is nothing worse than watching a video of someone blabbering and stumbling through every second. Another way to ensure your video is top notch is to practice before recording. Reading something in your head is much different than reading something out loud. Practicing the script before you hit the record button will make your outcome worth all of the effort.

Helpful Tip: While having a script will keep you on track, don't be afraid to ad lib here and there, especially if you have something extremely interesting or fun pop into your head. Remember, you can always edit the footage later.

2. There's No Reason Not To

As much as people dislike watching bad videos, they love to watch good, quality videos. There is no digital marketing strategy out there that is as successful as video. It's simple: people just really love to watch videos, especially on mobile devices. Videos boost conversation and they increase sales. Videos help your SEO. Videos show clear ROI. There just isn't any reason you shouldn't be creating video content! 

3. Be Very Varied

Creating video does not have to be as scary as it sounds; there are so many different ways for beginners, intermediates, and pros to utilize video content. If you start small—maybe by creating a thank you video, product demonstration, or short testimonialit's easy to build from there! When you get more comfortable, you can start creating longer versions of similar videos or creating a promotional video that introduces your company and its mission or values. From there, you can shoot live presentations, interviews with key community members, or videos for each of your CTAs. 

Another tip is to create different videos for different stages of the buyer's journey. Videos are naturally engaging, but targeting buyer's who don't know about you might include something that asks questions and educates the viewer on your industry or product line, where as people who are considering buying your product or service may be looking for solutions to those questions. Videos for viewers ready to make a decision should explain to the audience why your product is the best product. 


In a city the size of Sioux Falls, digital marketing is undeniably a necessity. And without a good graphic design strategy, it is difficult to have a good digital marketing strategy. Now that you know how to use video, click below to get our free e-book to start learning about graphic design, too! 

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