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Top 5 Ways Snapchat Can Revolutionize Your South Dakota Marketing

Posted by Taylor Olson on Thu, Jul 6, 2017 @ 16:07 PM

Use Snapchat to revolutionize your South Dakota marketing | 5j Design

With social media giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ out there, smaller platforms like Snapchat can often get overlooked. The problem with that, however, is that 60% of 13-34 year-olds in the United States that have smartphones use Snapchat frequently. So, unless your business only wants to market to baby boomers, you should be utilizing everything Snapchat has to offer. Read on for the top 5 ways Snapchat can revolutionize your South Dakota marketing. 

1. Be Transparent 

One of Snapchat's biggest perks is how transparent it allows you to be with your customers. It's all live; there are no fancy cameras or editing teams. It's raw, and it's real. People respond to that. And when they do, it's the perfect platform to interact with your followers in a new ways.

You could consider doing a doodle challenge (asking your followers to use the app's drawing feature to create a masterpiece, such as your company's logo or newest product, to send to you. Once they do, you can screenshot it and choose your favorites) and rewarding the top 5 masterpieces with some sort of deal. The more you interact with people on social media, the more likely they are to think of your company first!

2. Use Geofilters

Everybody loves geofilters; they are one of snapchat's most popular features. In February of 2016 Snapchat made it an option to create your own; however, users had to use a computer to create them in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Now, users in the United States can create custom geofilters in the app! And it's easy too:

  • go to the settings menu
  • click the "On-Demand Geofilters" tab
  • pick your occasion
  • add text and stickers to personalize your filter
In a place as small as South Dakota, marketing with snapchat's custom geofilters is a cheap way—prices start at just $5.99—to ensure people come to your business and check out your filter! 

3. Build Your Reach 

People like interacting with people. Studies show that Influencer Marketing can be extremely successful; if you have connections with popular people in your industry, consider asking them to take over your Snapchat account for a day. They will tell their followers about it, and their followers will become your followers. Reach is a major component of digital marketing and inviting industry influencers will extend your reach.

4. Launch Products

Launching products on Snapchat can help those products become extremely successful. If you spend multiple days hyping your newest product release up on Snapchat, anticipation will be built, and people won't be able to stop talking about whatever you're releasing. You could even try offering Snapchat users exclusives. Try adding a series of snapchats to your story leading up to the release. Here's an outline you could follow:

  • A few months before you plan to release the product, add a simple snap to your story telling your followers to keep their eyes open for an exciting announcement.
  • One month before the release post a series of snaps to your story showing off the new product. Try adding photos, videos, and/or infographics that explain the product.
  • In the weeks leading up to the release, show people using your product and go further in-depth about what the product is and how it works. 
  • In the days leading up to the release, create a contest to encourage interaction from your followers. 
  • After the product is released, post demonstrations of its use and reviews from people who have used it. 

5. Educate Your Followers 

In 2015, 5j Design began offering inbound marketing services.  Inbound is newer way of marketing that focuses on educating your consumers. Many businesses have had great success using Snapchat as a means of education. Whether it is NASA explaining complex science, or the Washington Post sharing breaking news, Snapchat can be a great method of using education to market your business. 


If you plan on beginning to market using Snapchat, you're going to want to have somewhere awesome to send your followers when they want to learn more. Click below to download a free eBook with tips to create a killer website. 

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