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Top 4 Snacks For Your 4th of July Party

Posted by Taylor Olson on Fri, Jun 30, 2017 @ 10:06 AM

4th of July Snacks from Sioux Falls Marketing Company

The 4th of July is a magical holiday; the warm sun and festive celebrations make some, like our intern
Madi, believe it to be the best holiday of the year! Between the parades that go on across the country during the day and the fireworks that explode in bright colors across the sky at night, from start to finish the day is full of traditions that families carry out year after year. And while sparklers and roman candles are always fun, there is one part of the day we believe you can't live without: the food. (Literally, you can't live without it. Pun very much intended.) Check out our list of the top 4 snacks for your 4th of July party below! 

1. Festive Rice Krispie Treats

Red, white, and blue rice krispie treats for the 4th of July

Rice Krispie treats have always been the perfect fix when you're in a pinch and need a quick snack to share. These festive bars are a wonderful twist on a classic dessert that everybody will love! Fast, easy, and delicious, what could be better?

Our tip: make sure to use plenty of food coloring so you're not stuck with pink, white, and teal bars instead of red, white and blue

Check out the recipe here. 


2. Flag Fruit Pizza 

Flag fruit pizza for the 4th of July

If you've ever watched Cake Boss you know that everybody loves a dessert that looks like an inanimate object! There's no better way to show your pride this 4th of July than to create a fruit pizza full of stars and stripes. 

Our tip: use the fruits that you like! Replace strawberries with cherries, blueberries with damson plums, or bananas with pears to alter the taste to your preferences.

Click here for more information. 

3. Pop Rock Firecracker Cake-pop

 Pop rock firecracker cupcake for the 4th of July 

While the snacks are our favorite part of the 4th of July at 5j Design, we know for many people fireworks are the highlight of the day. In addition to the explosions in the sky, these cracklin' cake pops will explode in your mouth! There's a lot of steps to create the prefect firecracker, so this recipe will take some time... but they're well worth it! 

Our Tip: When your kids ask to light off fireworks before it's time, give them one of these to hold them over until the real fireworks begin.

See the full instructions here. 

4. Patriotic Puppy Chow 

Patriotic puppy chow for the 4th of July This snack is perfect for anybody who is a fan of vanilla and strawberry (which should be everybody). Another year-round fan favorite, this puppy chow is so patriotic that visiting British citizens will wish they were American. The recipe is easy enough for young kids to help out with. Not to mention, everybody from 4 to 104 will love it! 

Our tip: while this snack will be great at room temperature, leave it in the fridge until you're ready to eat it to enhance the flavor! 

Here's how to make this delicious treat.  



At 5j Design we love the 4th of July—our owner, Jake, even throws a Pyro Party for all of the employees! We also love internet marketing. Sioux Falls is growing, and your online presence should be growing, too. We may be a small company, but we can make a big impact. For all of your needs related to internet marketing, Sioux Falls' own 5j Design will be there for you! Click below for a free eBook to learn more about how inbound marketing can help your business or give us a call at (605) 368-1852.

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