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The Top 10 Things 5J's Interns Learned This Summer

Posted by Taylor Olson on Mon, Oct 2, 2017 @ 11:10 AM

Peace Out, Interns

At the beginning of the summer we introduced you to Madi and Taylor.  Since then, the interns have been busy creating blogs, eBooks, infographics, videos, and more! Check out the top ten things they learned while here this summer below. 

1. Marketing is More Than Billboards and Cold Calling 

Neither of us are business majors, and while we knew a little bit about what 5j does coming in, it was difficult to understand the depth of inbound marketing without diving into it. The first few weeks at 5J, we spent learning the marketing software and exploring the inbound approach. Creating content that is engaging, educational, and fun to help a customer is so much more interesting than the stereotypical salesy side of marketing. 

2. GIFs and Memes Make Everything Fun 

The first few weeks at 5J, I didn't step outside of my comfort zone when writing blogs. I wrote on the safe side of things. Then I started adding gifs and memes to blogs and everything was awesome. 


3. In the Real World, Plans Change

When you're in college, things can't really get pushed aside for long. You either finish your assignments and turn them in on time, you turn them in a few days late, or you ruin your GPA. When you're working for a creative company like 5J, there are so many things to do and so little time to do them! Example one: this blog was originally going to be a vlog. Weeks ago, we thought of creating an intern video blog mini series; the topic of this blog was going to be the first video we made! That got pushed aside for more pressing things, and here we are on the last day of our summer writing this blog. The good news: things always get done, just not always when or how you first thought they would be! 


4. SEO is a Wonderful and Confusing Thing

Have you ever tried making "snow plow curb guard" flow in 3-5 sentences per blog? Three months ago I hadn't either. SEO is almost like a world of its own. So many people want to be ranked number one on google the day after their website goes live. And while paid ads are a thing, the importance of creating strong, optimized content is invaluable... and sometimes really difficult. 


5. Find Yourself a Boss Who Caters Qdoba for the 4th of July 

Jake had a pyro party for all of us on the 4th of July. He had Qdoba. Enough said. 


6. Unique Clients = Unique Knowledge 

We have learned SO many random facts since starting at the beginning of the summer. Researching for blogs has brought me to places of the internet I never knew existed. One week I wrote blogs on both healthy recipes that truckers can make inside their truck, as well as a blog on the best bacon recipes at state fairs in the Midwest. I was very hungry that week. One night I was hanging out with some friends and thought I'd wow them with the fact that male pigs have to be castrated before they are 14 days old so that their meat doesn't taste bad. There are so many things I never thought I would know, and only do because of this internship! 


7. Write What You Like

When you write for clients that are as diverse as 5J's, you can't possibly know or like everything about every piece of content you write. But connecting things you find interesting is vital. Creativity is key in content! If you are bored when you're writing, your writing is going to be boring for the reader. Find a way to sneak a Grey's Anatomy reference into a post about neck pain (see also: #4). Add a Milo and Otis gif to a blog about hog barn design! 


8. Always Ask Questions 

Internships are meant for learning. This summer we've embraced our inner Hermione Granger and asked as many questions as necessary. Often what would have taken us hours to figure out might have a simple fix that Carrie, Drew, Lacey, or Jake could answer in a few minutes! 


9. Three Months Isn't Long Enough 

Just when you find your groove, it's time for goodbye. The first month was spent learning about all things marketing, company software, and all the different clients. The second month was spent finding our groove. We found the songs we wrote best to and the best way to integrate keywords. And then came month three. We were finally confident in what we're doing, banging out blogs every day, and starting some cool new offers/projects. But now it is time to go. *Insert sad face here* We may be going back to college where we get to nap during the middle of the day, but at what cost? 


10. 5J Design is the BEST

The last, but certainly not least, thing that we learned as interns at 5J this summer is that there is no where else that could have provided us with such a rewarding, interesting, and extremely fun experience as interns! To Jake, Drew, Lacey, and Carrie: you guys are the best. Thanks for such an amazing summer! 

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