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Christmas Q&A with Andrea

Posted by Andrea Van Essen on Sun, Dec 9, 2018 @ 11:12 AM

Christmas Q & A andrea

 The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! At Five J we're spreading our Christmas cheer by Christmas Q&As. Learn more about Andrea, our Content Creator, by reading how she answered our Christmas themed questions!

Q: Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

My mom's whole side of the family (aunt and uncle, my sister and her family, etc.) spends Christmas Eve together at our house and we open all those extended family gifts that night. Gifts and stockings between my parents and I (and Santa!) are opened on Christmas morning. 

Q: What is your favorite Christmastime tradition?

Everyone getting together at our house on Christmas Eve! The whole day is cozy leading up to it. I help my mom clean the house, we listen to Christmas music and get the food ready, and around 5 o' clock, people start showing up. We eat my mom's famous potato soup, and by the end of the night we're all sitting around on the floor surrounded by destroyed wrapping paper, and drinking wine. It's perfect.

Q: What are the Top 3 Christmas movies?

A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, and Home Alone.  

Q: What is the worst or weirdest Christmas gift ever received? 

 Probably a set of luggage when I was about 11 years old. And no, there was no vacation included. 

Q: What is your favorite Christmas season recipe (drink, cookie, meal, etc)?

Let's see... how many times can I talk about my mom's potato soup. It's just so good. Not your traditional thick, creamy, diner-style potato soup with bacon—the broth is thinner (but SO savory), and filled with shredded pieces of ham, green beans, potatoes (obviously), leeks, and onions. Serve with crusty french bread, and you're golden. 


Q: Do you prefer eggnog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate. I don't even like thinking about eggnog. 

Q: Do you like colored lights on your tree or white? Big or small?

Small and white on the tree, big and colored on the house! 

Q: Favorite holiday memory as a child?

This wasn't on Christmas Eve or Day, but my aunt and I would always take an evening, go get a hot chocolate from a coffee shop, and then drive around different neighborhoods looking at people's light displays. 

Q: What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?  

A puppy. It won't happen (tiny apartment), but still.  

Q: Real tree or fake tree? 

Real, all the way. We have a small fake tree this year but only because it was crazy cheap on Black Friday, and our apartment doesn't allow real ones (eye roll).


Q: What was your favorite gift? 

When I was 10, I got a kitten from Santa!

Q: What is the most important thing about Christmas to you? 

Celebrating the birth of our Savior, while surrounded by family. Depending on the year, we either go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, but either way, it's a joyful celebration!

Q: Christmas letter, card, photo card, or nothing?

We just did a photo card this year, but I have a feeling I'll be one of those Christmas letter people in the future. 

Q: Do you have a charity you serve or give to at Christmas?

I've always enjoyed packing the shoeboxes with gifts for Operation Christmas Child. That, or visiting people in the nursing home with cookies and carols!  

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