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Are You Prepared for Black Friday?

Posted by Drew Nolan on Wed, Nov 9, 2016 @ 08:11 AM
Drew Nolan

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Get pumped! The single greatest shopping day of the year is almost here. We know you are counting down the days, but are you prepared? You are going to be researching doorbusters all Thanksgiving week, and as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, you and the crazies in your family will be hitting the newspaper ads and pounding the peppermint mochas. While you are preparing to cash in on all the huge deals, make sure you take a minute to cash in on the opportunities Black Friday brings for your business.

Whether you have an online store, provide specialized services, or have a brick and mortar shop downtown, you have the chance to score some extra business over the Thanksgiving weekend. Plus, it doesn't have to take a bunch of extra time or money. Here is how you can cash in without dissing your family for work and burning your bank account:

Create Mobile Ads

During coffee and food breaks (because let's be honest, the hanger gets real), shoppers are researching and killing time on their mobile devices. In 2015, Mobile accounted for 50-60% of all online traffic and 35-40% of all online sales during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In order to capture some of this traffic, create a few online ads and make sure they are setup to display on mobile devices. When you set up a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign, you will have the option to display your ads on mobile devices.

Normally we suggest search engine optimization (SEO) for long-term and consistent web traffic results, but Black Friday is coming quickly, so your SEO efforts may not be rewarded in time. The beauty of these advertising campaigns is that they are Pay Per Click (PPC), and you get to choose your budget! They won't take you very long to setup, and they won't cost you a fortune. If you don't feel comfortable setting these ads up, send us a message or give us a call, and we can set them up for you!

Go Network!

If you don't like shopping, or if you have some down time between store openings, go out and talk to people. You have a huge captive audience all around you. What does it hurt to sit down on the mall benches and strike up a conversation with the people sitting there? You don't have to hard sell these poor tired people; just be friendly and eventually let them know about your product or service and any promotions you have over the weekend. They are likely going to have more down time between store openings or in store lines (which is another great place to strike up a convo), so they may just pull out your business card or promotional card and search your website. What's better than free marketing?

Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday

Don't forget about the rest of the weekend! Develop some web marketing strategies to help you capitalize on the carryover hype on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Create some content on a landing page on your website promoting your discounts, deals, or specials. Then create some online and social media ads that direct to this landing page. Again, these ads don't have to take a giant chunk out of your marketing budget. You can determine how much you want to spend to catch some of the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday buzz.



We would love to help you take advantage of the opportunities the holiday season brings. We offer a wide range of marketing services that will fit your needs without breaking your budget. If you would like to talk to one of us about your holiday marketing needs, click the button below.


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