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2016 Web Design Trends

Posted by Lacey Wright on Tue, Jan 5, 2016 @ 09:01 AM
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Web Design Trends in 2016

Design trends are constantly changing and it takes time and energy to keep up with these changes, so we have compiled a list of some trends to keep a look out for in 2016. 

Flat design to continue 

Flat Web Design

Flat design has taken over almost all aspects of design in the last year from logo updates to web design. With lending so well to other current design trends we will most likely see flat design continue into 2016.

New navigation menus

web design navigation

As designers, we are constantly looking for the newest and easiest way for visitors to navigate websites. New websites are starting to feature menu styles that are reminiscent of those used in mobile design, such as the "hamburger" menu and fly out menus. These types of menus are becoming more popular as more users become accustomed to how sites navigate on mobile devices.

Single-page scroll websites

Another trend that we may see more of is single-page scroll websites. Single-page scroll sites are popular due to our natural tendencies of scrolling. It also makes an ease of navigation for users because all of the information is present on one page.

Function over form

website photography

Another trend lending to the ease of use, is more websites being designed around function rather than looks. Designers are forgoing static visual elements for those that have a purposeful use.

  • One example of this that we think will become more prevalent is the added functionality to large image sliders. Rather than having just an image using up a large amount of real estate, design trends will lean towards these spaces being used as more of a call to action rather than just a nice looking image.
  • A second trend that focuses on function over form is that images and icons are being more customized, rather than stock icons or images. We will see more custom photography and icons to highlight each individual business.

 Material Design Language

material design language

Something new that we've seen in design trends is that Google has introduced material design. Material design focuses on motion, hierarchy, and depth to create design that feels more real to the viewer.

Keeping up on the latest design trends can take a lot of time and effort and change will always be constant in web design. Make sure to sign-up for email updates from us to never miss a thing! If you're more of the "DIY" kind of person, help yourself to our FREE E-book below for creating the ultimate website. 

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